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What happened after the happily ever after?

You all know the story of Rapunzel, but did you ever wonder what happened after the fairytale ending? Well we know. Not all afters end up happily, sometimes the real adventure starts much later...

The Spring Flower Festival is almost here, and it’s taken everything I’ve got to make sure my kingdom proves its worth in spite of the blight ravaging our kingdom. But the disease spreading across our land may be caused by something deeper and more sinister than I’d ever imagined. Things are no brighter at the palace. Queen Rapunzel remains hidden in the castle while the kingdom falls to pieces all around us. And the jealous duke of Thornton seems prepared to do anything in his power to keep me away from Princess Lilian. The only thing left to do is to triumph at the Festival and show everyone in Floris what I’m made of — but in a kingdom ravaged by disease and controlled by a duke who won’t let anything stand between him and the crown, even that may be beyond my powers.

Following famous fairytale characters, eighteen years after their happily ever after, the Kingdom of Fairytales offers an edge of the seat thrill ride in an all new and sensational way to read.

Lighting-fast reads you won’t be able to put down

Fantasy has never been so epic!
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