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What happened after the happily ever after?

You all know the story of The Wizard of Oz, but did you ever wonder what happened after the fairytale ending? Well we know. Not all afters end up happily, sometimes the real adventure starts much later...


A prison off the coast of Badalah is no place for the Mayor of Oz, but I’ve found myself here anyway. The ogres who run the place won’t tell me what I’m being charged with, and the other prisoners have made it clear I have no chance of escape. My new cellmate is decent, but there are others in this prison who don’t have my best wishes at heart, and I have to get home — back to Oz and to my siblings, who are all alone in the world now that our mother, Dorothy, has died. No one has ever escaped from this island fortress. I'm determined to be the first.


I never would have expected that I could make new friends in Urbis Prison. But now I have two: Clement, my cellmate, and Silas, the intimidating man the other prisoners call “Psycho.” With their help, escape just might be possible. But outside the prison walls, a wicked magic is spreading across the land, and its effect on the kingdoms may even be more dangerous than the tyrannical ogres who stand between me and freedom.


Evil magic has been shattering its way from Urbis and across the twelve kingdoms. Clement couldn’t approach the capital city, and I’ve found myself increasingly unable to imagine a future without him in it. So we’re taking the long way back to Oz. But in between Winged Monkeys, wicked spells, and the ever-present threat of recapture, getting home may be beyond even my newly discovered powers.


Wickedness has invaded my kingdom, spreading its influence far and wide throughout the lands. The Munchkin Village has been ravaged, and the Emerald City is under the influence of a villain we’ve all long thought dead. Surrounded by Clement, Glinda, and the Brave Lion, I must travel to the heart of the city to rescue my siblings and reclaim my Emerald Throne. But secrets lie between me and a happily ever after, and their revelation may be more than I can bear.

Following famous fairytale characters, eighteen years after their happily ever after, the Kingdom of Fairytales offers an edge of the seat thrill ride in an all new and sensational way to read.

Lighting-fast reads you won’t be able to put down

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