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What happened after the happily ever after?

You all know the story of Alice in Wonderland, but did you ever wonder what happened after the fairytale ending? Well we know. Not all afters end up happily, sometimes the real adventure starts much later...

The citizens of The Forge live in the long shadow of the memory of the late Queen of Hearts and her strict enforcement of the aesthetic code. Miss Ivy Rowntree is one of the city’s inspectors, but her true passion lies in making pocket watches—she’s never met a watch she couldn’t fix, or a puzzle she couldn’t solve.

That is, until Ivy is commissioned to ‘fix’ an antique pocket watch that hasn’t worked for 18 years. To make matters worse, the city’s clock tower strikes suddenly back to life and the late Queen’s soldiers are sighted on the streets, inducing fear in the hearts of the citizens.

Even riddles of a long dead Queen are nothing to the puzzle of the dark-eyed stranger haunting her dreams…

Miss Ivy Rowntree may have discovered the identity of her dark-eyed stranger, but Raven remains as mysterious as ever. Worse, with clues that the late Queen of Hearts supporters are rallying their forces against President Alice, the milliner appears to know more than he’s telling.

Raven might be the puzzle that Ivy can’t resist—but how much danger is she willing to put herself in to find the answers to her questions?

Miss Ivy Rowntree might have solved the mystery of her dark-eyed stranger, but after an evening in his company, she finds herself questioning her work, the laws of The Forge, and everything she knows about the city she’s lived in all her life.

If that’s not all, the appearance of an exotic princess on Alice’s doorstep will make Ivy question everything she knows about herself and her family as well.

Miss Ivy Rowntree and her allies throughout Melfall stand together—both beautiful and unbeautiful—to defend their city from the robot invaders. Even as she fights to protect her loved ones and the citizens of The Forge, Ivy’s own trusted instincts tell her that something more is at play. Who is really giving orders to the Hearts? How much will they sacrifice to win?

Following famous fairytale characters, eighteen years after their happily ever after, the Kingdom of Fairytales offers an edge of the seat thrill ride in an all new and sensational way to read.

Lighting-fast reads you won’t be able to put down

Author note: This is the same as the Ivy Boxset, but your ebook will arrive in one file

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