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The forests of Elder are filled with people that change into wolves on the full moon. For Castiel, the haunted woods that the big bad wolf once roamed is anything but scary. He's spent the past few years of his life making a home in the woods and loving every minute of it. While he isn't a wolf, he's befriended them and found they make great neighbors, even if many in the country still see them as the monster they once were.

Unfortunately, the change to the new winter season has brought a sickness to the wolves Castiel counts as friends. When his wolf friends need help, Castiel is there to lend a hand and to try to get his mother to see that something is wrong. The only question is, can Castiel convince Little Red Riding Hood that the wolves need help before something terrible happens?


My name is Castiel, son of Red Riding Hood, and this is my story.



The curse is back.

Eighteen winters ago, Red defeated the curse the changed the wolves from normal shifters into bloodthirsty monsters. Everyone of Elder thought it was all done, and Red tried her best to bring the people of Elder back together. But that is all over now. The tree people fear the wolves and the wolves are attacking humans. And Castiel is caught in the middle of it. While Red is doing her best to protect the tree people, Castiel takes it upon himself to protect the wolves, if he can.


The wolves are growing sicker, and Castiel is doing all he can to help, but will it be enough? Can he keep his friends safe?



Castiel's world is turning upside down when his friend has been cursed, and there is no way to help her. He wants nothing more than to help the wolves and break the curse, but even Red doesn't know how. He is left to look for answers on his own as Red is forced to deal with the Tree People that wish to openly hunt the wolves. Everywhere around him, Castiel finds another problem that he can't answer. He wants a magic solution but can't find one, until the witch helping Red tells him to look within. Is it possible Castiel has had the magic within him all along to help the wolves?



Being a shifter wasn't the magic Castiel was looking for, but it confirmed what the witch felt. Castiel isn't who or what he ever thought he was. Now Castiel must figure out how to use his new ability to help his friends survive the curse that can't be broken.

There is enough fighting in the country of Elder, but the wolves are now stuck behind a barrier together. It is a dangerous place to be, and they are running out of time with the moon pulling Grace closer to being a monster. Castiel has only ever wanted one thing: to protect his friends. But he had no clue how he is going to do it now. If he can't find a solution soon, he might just lose one of his only friends to the curse.


Lighting-fast reads you won't be able to put down


Fantasy has never been so epic!

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