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You all know the story of your favorite fairytale, but did you ever wonder what happened after the fairytale ending? Well we know. Not all afters end up happily, sometimes the real adventure starts much later...

Living in a kingdom surrounded by ocean and filled with waterways, I'm supposed to love the sea creatures Atlantice is famous for. What the people don't know is that I'm a proud member of the Anti Mermaid League. My mission in life is to rid the kingdom's waters of the Merfolk that inhabit them. Or at least it was until I met one of them...

My name's Princess Blaise of Atlantice, daughter of the Little Mermaid, and here is my story..

With the queen's curse returning, the Anti-Mermaid League are on the warpath and the merfolk aren't helping matters with their jealousy over my relationship with Fish. I'd never thought that enemies could turn to lovers, but my feelings towards my sworn enemy are deepening and I'm not the only one to notice.
With my friends straddling both sides of the Anti-merfolk line, I'm going to have to make a decision... and soon!

I know I shouldn't have read my mother's diaries, but I wasn't prepared for the huge revelation about my history. It seems I'm not the only one interested in my past. Kidnapped by the Sea Witch, I need to find the connection between her and my mother or risk being stuck here forever...or worse.

Can Fish save me or am I destined to be a slave to the witch forever?

The Sea Witch and her men have descended on Atlantice like a tsunami no one expected. While all my life I’ve trained to fight the mer-folk, I never expected to use those skills on the Sea Witch’s humongous men.
As the fight comes to our doorsteps, will we all band together to fight for our lives? Or will the feud between the Anti-Mermaid League and the mer-folk destroy us all?

Following famous fairytale characters, eighteen years after their happily ever after, the Kingdom of Fairytales offers an edge of the seat thrill ride in an all new and sensational way to read.

Lighting-fast reads you won’t be able to put down

Fantasy has never been so epic!


Author note: This bundle is the same as the Blaise bundle but your ebook will arrive in one file

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